Reality Czechs: Skiing at Červená voda

Reality Czechs: A wonderful weekend at Červená voda (Red Water).
It’s a new resort – only 1 fast quad seat chair with warmed seat,
but 2 beautiful 2 km runs.

Good snow but very, very cold. Yesterday the temperature was
-12C (the App said ‘seems like -19C’) on the first day. Today was
only -10C but it seemed colder.

And the best thing is it’s only a 2hr drive from Brno and no Hotham ridges or hairpins. Love it.


Reality Czechs in the U.S.

A fabulous evening cruising in the waters around Woods Hole, MA, with great food and wonderful people. The water was like glass, the weather mild and slightly foggy. No wind. The photo of the sunset, the mansion, the horses and the sailboat sums hit up perfectly.

Summer in the U.S. is so different. People who have come to the Cape for summer ever year since they were kids stand in the water with THEIR kids, chatting away instead of trying to find an unoccupied patch of sand, attacking the surf or sheltering in the shade of umbrellas. Labour day signals the end of summer and the start of school and cool nights. It’s as if winter is already here, psychologically if not in reality. Definitely summer is over.

Cape Cod

Reality Czechs: swimming pool

This is my wonderful swimming pool at Kohoutovice, a communist era development of apartment blocks inhabited by the original elderly residents and new young families. It’s surrounded by beautiful forest and is also where Paul Gottlieb works.

Swimming poolFew people at the pool speak English but they are very tolerant of my attempts to communicate when I’ve forgotten my towel or whatever.

Unfortunately the aqua-aerobics classes have finished for the summer so it’s lap swimming until mid-September. They are fascinated by my flippers and hand paddles.