Reality Czechs: Green beer anyone?

IMG_20160324_164107Any day in the Czech Republic is celebrated with beer.

Green beer for Green (Maundy) Thursday anyone?

It’s got nothing to do with St Patrick’s Day although no one seems to know for sure why it’s green but the Czechs eat green salad and vegetables (spinach) and drink green beer on this day.

The local brewery was packed with everyone wanting their green local drop.

Reality Czechs: Burčák time

September in the Czech Republic is Burčák time.

Burčák is a partially fermented cloudy white or red wine with sugar 1019 tasting the brewadded, sold in unlabelled two-litre plastic bottles at stands in the market, city squares or at the tramstops.

As Paul learnt from experience, it continues to ferment after you buy it so you need to keep the lid partly unscrewed to let the CO2 escape – or accidents happen! You also have to drink it within two days because it starts to taste bitter after the sugar is converted to ethanol and CO2.

We like its unique taste – a bit like carbonated grape juice with an alcoholic kick. It is quite cheap, sold in large quantities and goes down easily.