Reality Czechs: Prague Spring

Paul, with all his travel experience, can hardly believe how stupid he is. He was pick-pocketed on a Metro train in Prague on the weekend almost exactly ten years after his previous experience by a gang that used the identical modus operandi.

He was standing near the door waiting to get off as the train pulled into the station. The first guy used his foot to stop the doors opening. Everyone (including him) panicked because we couldn’t get off and it looked like the train was about to leave. Paul reached up to force the doors open. The second guy who was behind him grabbed his wallet and pushed him out the door which the first guy had suddenly let open. So he was left on the platform and the two guys and my wallet were still in the train as the doors closed.

Off they went, with him running down the platform banging on the door of the train. Not good, but very common in Prague.

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